Friday, May 4, 2007


From The Christian Science Monitor
Egypt targets Web-savvy opponents
Activists say Abdel Moneim Mahmoud was arrested because he's a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and has a popular blog.

"'This is the worst attack on the Brotherhood since the 1950s. The repression of that era led to most of the radical movements that have threatened the peace and security of the world since. I reject violence, and I always will. But when people see the door shut to peaceful expression, some will turn to violence."

More articles about the current crackdown, not just in Egypt, but around the world:

Sandmonkey: What Pelosi’s Damascus Junket Hath Wrought.

Interview with Sandmonkey on Atlas Shrugs.

Freedoms deteriorating in once-open countries around the world, press group says

10 countries where press freedoms have most deteriorated over the last five years
They list Azerbaijan, but forget to mention that the editor of an opposition newspaper was gunned down, in front of his apartment building, a couple of years ago. That's taking censorship to the extreme.

Al-Jazeera journalist in Egypt gets 6 months in jail

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