Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday

I would have more photos of both buses and bugs if my Nikon D70 camera was in working order. The camera I'm using is an old Coolpix and the time lag is depressing. Once I get my camera back, I'm sure I'll be able to catch more shots. I have spotted a few more vans and cool bugs around the area (in passing) and need to go back to get some photos. I could also go up to the traffic circle around 2:30 PM to catch them as they whiz by, but again I'd need my D70 for that.

Again: Hats off to the VW owners of Cairo!

I know this isn't a VW, but this dog has captured my attention. He's found a new home and is no longer sleeping on the Red Dodge Challenger. Maybe he's going green, or concerned about the price of gas, or maybe he's just not as manly as we thought (like, maybe he's a she.)

Another food delivery van with wilted lettuce, among other things - I guess the younger crowd loves it, cause they patronize these restaurants like crazy.

More bugs - I'm actually getting a little sick of them and tired of trying to keep up with which ones I've already photographed and which I haven't. Boss Man helps keep me cool with those details. Sorry, but sometimes I walk by them and think, "enough already!" This first photo is from Road 9 in Maadi.

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