Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No Climbing

A few more pictures from Number 1 Son's Visit. Here a sign at the Giza Pyramids. It's pretty much self explanatory:

No Climbing

When we first moved to Abu Dhabi, many of the locals and Sub-Continent drivers would ignore red lights and stop signs, saying, "those are for westerners only." Well in Cairo there are no stop signs or signals anywhere! This scene is typical of Cairo traffic.

Cairo, Egypt Traffic

And here, an alternate form of transportation around Giza:
Buggy Ride, Giza, Egypt

And, the stable area behind the Giza Pyramids:
Camels in the Stable Area, Giza, Egypt, 2

Horses at the Stable Area, Giza, Egypt

Update on my Nikon D70:
I called the local dealer here, who coincidentally is located in Giza. They cannot repair my camera. So, Vagabondblogger has decided to try and ship the Nikon to Number 1 Son, giving him (and his selfish self) the camera, which he told his sister he, "fell in love with during his visit," (and desperately desires to have for Bonnaroo this June.) I am going to buy a Nikon D40 (well, it's actually a very nice birthday present) since the reviews I've read are outstanding, it's lightweight (just what I need) and from what I have heard, magapixels are all hype. It's a cheaper version (but not hmm that cheap), and in the U.S., comes with a great lightweight lens, as well. Vagabondblogger is disappointed in this turn of events, but thinks it will work out for everyone. So for now, new photos will be taken with Vagabondblogger Boss Man's Sony Coolpix 885.

Here's a great site for cameras, which is where I found a lot of useful information, further links, and comparisons from someone who uses a variety of cameras and knows their pros and cons: KenRockwell.com.


  1. It's such a pity, for some unknown reason all your photo's have been blocked. I can't view any.

  2. I logged out and got back on anonymously and they all show up. They're linked back to Flickr, and I've done it before. Maybe it's taking too long to load or problems at Flickr could be affecting it. I have no idea. I'm pretty much a novice at all this. Thanks, for the heads up - I'll try to keep track of it.