Friday, March 9, 2007

Back To Cairo & FOX News v. Obama Update

Vagabondblogger is returning to Cairo, Egypt. Number 1 son and Doggie are going, as well.

The Nevada Democratic debate, which was to be hosted by FOX News has been cancelled. John Edwards pulled out of the debate earlier this week, 250,000 signatures were gathered in protest and the leadership of the Democratic Party (Harry Reid) voiced their concerns, forcing the Nevada Democratic Party to cancel the show, so-to-speak. Of course, FOX is now claiming the Democratic Party has been taken over by extremists. An article in the New York Times quotes FOX Chairman Roger Ailes making a joke about Obama on Thursday, where he compares him to Osama bin Laden. This is the straw that broke the camel's back and at this point the Nevada Democrats had had enough of FOX's "fair and balanced" take on Obama.

Roger Ailes: “It is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don’t know if it’s true that President Bush called Musharraf and said, ‘Why can’t we catch this guy?’”

A new Expat Profile will be published in a few days.

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