Thursday, March 29, 2007

Awesome Daughter's Puppy

I promised Awesome Daughter I would do a blog on her puppy.

AD got her puppy in December right before Christmas. We went to check it out in November, during Thanksgiving break. And the breeders checked us out too. We had 1 English Springer Spaniel before. He had a show coat, like AD's puppy and our current one "Doggie" has a sporting coat. We didn't even get to pick out the pup. We went up, played with all the pups out in a field and the breeders decided. They picked which ones they thought were show quality, which ones were not and which ones would go to which owners. I guess their experts at psychology too, using reasons like, "well, he's shy and would be better off with so and so." Suffice it to say, we got what they believe to be one of the losers, although no Springer (unless inbred, is a loser.) AD'S Puppy fooled them - totally!

Springers are amazing dogs. They have human eyes and behave like people. They're mild tempered, with a bit of hunting instinct, making them, somewhat unpredictable around animals other than other dogs. They're well meaning, even if they do shake the shit out of that bunny (and kill it) or decide to watch a bird hop around right in front of their nose, and doing nothing about it. They like to go after stuff that moves, except for cars.

Our current Doggie broke two leashes our first week in Abu Dhabi chasing feral cats and jumping over the American Ambassador's villa walls to do so. I was worried one of the guards standing outside with an AK-47 might decide to shoot her (it's legal), but they just watched. Apparently the Bahraini who supervised them was a dog lover himself. She saw the cats, bolted and that was it for the leashes - nice thick leather braided ones too. We ended up using rope until we could drive to the ACE Hardware store in Dubai to buy a retractable leash.

Springers are pretty much on the lazy side, (unless they're used for hunting) once they become inbedded with your pack, they will keep you company during good and bad times (and hog up the bed). Our old dog was an expert at that. Our current dog, appears to be deaf (but can hear plastic food bags opening) and seems to sleep constantly, except when she smells food. We have a very "selective" Springer, who's on her own little schedule. Who's the 'real' boss here, huh?

Anyway, so here's a short photo blog of AD's new pup. It's a sad, sad tale, cause Awesome Daughter should've given him to Vagabondblogger and Boss Man, but she's selfish and has now made puppy totally devoted to her. We're jealous, but we also don't want to rile Doggie, who's an old demanding bitch. Doggie taught little pup a few lessons when he was at our house for awhile, like "don't sniff my butt," - see below.

Maybe Awesome Daughter should be called "Alpha Dog" instead. I also think Awesome Daughter should get her own fucking blog!

Show Dog Pose - at the breeder's. One of their little tests for the possible winning dog.

Doggie and AD's pup - togetherness (for now, at least.) Doggie tore a ligament in her right leg one day, barking at the postman. She had 2 surgeries and is all back to normal now. The scar on her leg is from the ligament surgery and the plastic collar is to keep her from chewing the shit out of her leg.

Squatter! - on Vagabondblogger's Doggie's bed (He's new to the pack):

Sniffing - (smells good down there?)


Wiped Out:

Just neutered

Just had his surgery, nipping any possible heirs in the bud. It's a new regulation with the American Kennel Club. You buy a purebred dog and have to sign a release stating you will either neuter or spay them. If you decide to show them, you must get permission from the breeder, since show dogs have to be breedable. If you just want to breed your dog, you again have to get permission from the breeder - they have to "approve" of the mate. It all starts to sound like an arranged marriage. Granted all this has taken place to put puppy mills and backyard breeders out of business, or make it impossible for a puppy mill dog to become a show dog. (Yeah, let's all thumb our noses at those purebreds without the proper papers. Little bastards!) But, I think maybe the AKC has gone a wee bit over the line on all of this. On the other hand, I do not like seeing Springers for sale at the local pet shop, so I guess I have to take the good with the bad. One thing's for sure, the price of purebred dogs, from a "reputable" breeder, has gone through the ceiling!

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