Monday, February 19, 2007


This weekend I was visited by the kids with much dirty laundry. But there was one little thing that took up much of my time preventing me from posting. Here he is licking my older female English Springer Spaniel.

Sharing the water bowl here. The old lady is quite tolerant of his playful, aggressive puppy behavior.

A finally a bit of rest for the pup after an activity filled day! He's a ball of energy; non-stop energy.

Over the weekend we watched several movies including The Departed, Running With Scissors and Jesus Camp. The Departed is great! Great movie, great ending.

Running With Scissors has the author Augusten Borroughs in it during the credits. After having read the Vanity Fair article about him which paints him in the same light as James Frey, I think there should be a disclaimer stating that some of the movie was true and some fiction. It was a very strange movie, but not high on my list. Some people consider it depressing. If you want to see a truly great movie about a dysfunctional family, then Little Miss Sunshine is it. It is my favorite movie so far, this past year. Yeah, it has a VW Van in it too.

As for Jesus Camp, I can only say calling these families dysfunctional is giving them way too much credit. Why is this different from a madrasah? Because it's not. It's all brainwashing. Words cannot describe how truly insidious this whole racket is, and yes, it is a scam. Bits of speaking in tongues and holy rollers are served up, along with scenes of totally dogmatic homeschooling, cheerleading and praying to a cardboard President Bush. These people, born again in faith, are devoid of any other foundation which would make them question their total devotion to this type of lifestyle. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t consider a rattail an appropriate hairstyle for a son, or anyone for that matter. Where's the love, the tough love? Did Jesus have a rattail? (Wait a minute. I think I do recall seeing Jesus sporting a ratail in a velvet painting, at a truckstop on my way down to Texas last year.) But, I digress, the movie includes scenes of Ted Haggard preaching and meeting the campers, some of who want to grow up to be just like him (that would be the rattail kid.) Again, I’m left with only the Church Lady quote, “How Special!” This is a must see movie. It may leave you shaking your head, but it is informative and entertaining. (And, yes, that rattail really irks me!)

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