Sunday, February 11, 2007

Expat Profiles - Jumeirah Janes

Jumeirah Janes

While we’re on the subject of expat profiles, it would be careless of me to leave out this category. While I’ve never lived in Jumeirah, these women are all over the globe and the name has always fascinated me. I think I've actually seen a few of them at the Spinney's in Jumeirah when we stopped there occassionally on our way back to Abu Dhabi (that samll town mentality.)

Since I couldn’t possibly do them any justice, I found some sites that seem to cover the whole lot of them. You could probably replace the names with Baku Betty, Maadi Mary, Heliopolis Helen, Khalidya Kate and so on. Unfortunately, there’s now a category known as Jumeirah Johns – trailing husbands who’ve taken on a quite lonely Jumeirah lifestyle.


This site offers a trailer of a documentary about the expat lifestyle in Dubai, called "Hello Dubai" (check out the link at the top of the page for the trailer.) The beginning offers interviews with non-expats voicing common misconceptions about living in the United Arab Emirates.

A now defunct blog confessional from a Jumeirah Jane.
Little Yellow Duck

Another inactive site which breaks down the Jumeirah Janes into various categories.

A funny take on what a Jumeirah Jane is, with links to articles about things actually named "Jumeirah Jane."

Actually a review for the Lime Tree Cafe mentioned elsewhere in the Jumeirah Jane links.
the economist

Photos taken at The Dubai Cup - with one of a Jumeirah Jane! My guess is, most of the ladies in these photos are Jumeirah Janes too.


An article about the lonely Johns of Jumeirah.

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